Friday, May 30, 2008

signup your blog with yahoo & signup your blog with google

Sign up your blog with search engines

It is very important to get listed in search engine results. in order to achieve that we have to register our blog with top search engines.
To submit your blog to yahoo search engine do follow the link . To register with Google. Follow the below link

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I got paid by google

Finally the check got collected and credited to my bank a/c. So google adsense program is wonderful.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I got first payment from Adsense

I got first payment from google adsense last week. I am very proud to receive the check from adsense for INR 4672/- . I deposited it my bank account last tuesday. This check is an account payee check payable at CITI Bank Branches all over india. So i firmly believe that if you are a serious blogger you also have equal chance to get money from adsense .

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Get more from Referral Ads

Referral ads are special type of ads , which can be chosen from different categories and can be placed in blogs. We can earn .2 to 3 dollars based on the category.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Importance of monitoring

If you are a serious blogger then find time to monitor your blog. Users comments on posts , users geographical location, their emotions etc are very important. So find time to get all these information. For this purpose we can make use of google analytics, histats , feedjet etc. I am using all these to monitor my blogs. Its quiet interesting to know that users arrive from different corners of the world. I got visitors from 100 more nations.

Be Patient. Never click on ads yourself

"Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweeter than an apple " So be patient . Never click on ads yourself. Its against adsense program policy and above all google will stop serving ads further . In order to get clicks from readers ads will be logically arranged in an lucrative way. I get average 15 clicks per day. So wait and be patient.

Place Ads on Your Blog

After getting acceptance of your blog log on to adsense with your username and password and choose ads format, referral ads, Search etc. You will get code from adsense and place it in your blog.Ads will start to appear after 1 or 2 minutes.

Sign up with Adsense

After having a good response from netizens sign up with Adsense program. Its very simple, visit and fillup all the details llike blog url , blog description and postal address etc. Google will review your blog and notify you whether your request is accepted or not. It will take minimum 2 or 3 days.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Track Your Blog Visitors

Its quiet interesting to know about our blog visitors. Their location can also be track down. To enable this we can seek help from other sites like, Feedjit live traffic feed etc. By knowing attitude of our visitors we can improve the contents of our blog as well.

Know Your Page Rank ?

Page Rank is very important. To know the page rank of your blog there is a tool "PageRank" in the google toolbar. After loading the blog point mouse pointer to this tool. It will show google's view of the importance of this page. eg;- PageRank of is 9/10. My blog got the rank of 2/10.

What is Page Rank?
Google's method of ranking pages according to a number of factors such as link popularity.

Register Your Blog With Yahoo Search Engine

Google and Yahoo are the two top Search engine programs in the world today.To submit your blog to yahoo search engine do follow the link.

How Register your blog with Google Search Engine?

It is very important to get listed in search engine results. in order to achieve that we have to register our blog with top search engines. To register with Google. Follow the below link

How to make a blog successful?

This phase is crucial, our blogs to get viewed by the readers. This can be done by posting valuable information frequently.

Step 1

Invite our friends and relatives to have a look upon our blog and to post their valuable comments.

Step 2

Register blogs with search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc


Track the no.of readers, used to visit our blog daily by implementing free web counter programs.


Add features like online poll, email subscription etc..


Post regularly and and in very attractive way.

What is Adsense?

I quoted below the words from google to define what is adsense program."Google AdSense matches ads to your site's content, and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them". This is wonderful . robotic code senses our content and serves ads for our content.Its Wonderful!.

My Research on Adsense

After that I spent most of my spare time to know about google and adsense. I searched and searched for getting new info about google. That time I understood the google is a land of wonders. I read many books on google and its founders. I admired the founders and even in my class room several time I mentioned about the google and about the "page rank algorithm" to my dear students.

Adsense and Me

It was quiet accidental to know about the google adsense program . Even a Techie expert I didn't notice the earning potential through adsense. But things were different when I used to spare my time to know about google.It was very interesting. I started my first blog on mangroves to educate common men to show them "how important is to protect mangroves? '. I got attention from entire world and my blog got famous. That time i was not aware of the adsense program . One day i was reading one computer magazine I came across this word. " Adsense " .